Lentils with Brown Rice and Veggies 

Lentils with Brown Rice and Veggies

Green lentils, mixed vegetables, diced tomatoes seasoned with black pepper and onion, brown rice, chicken broth, thyme, garlic plus seasoning, oregano


It seems that I’ve forgotten how to soup. The recipe I based this (extremely loosely) off of was for a soup and despite using an entire carton of chicken broth, it was not to be. Frankly I’m not even mad. Soup takes too long to eat and is messy and makes me nervous to take leftovers in my lunchbox because spillage. The last dish I made, the cauliflower pasta, was supposed to be a thick sauce but came out watery. Most of the soups I’ve made successfully were not meant to be soups at all. Whoops.


Even though it turned into more of a rice bowl, I really liked this dish! It was my first time cooking with lentils and I think I’ve found a new favourite! They’re super filling and go with a vast array of tastes. I can’t wait to make more lentil recipes! Because this dinner contained both rice and lentils, plus veggies, it stretched over a number of days. The BF and I each had 2 big helpings, plus 5 lunch-sized containers of leftovers! One of the tastiest, healthiest, and most budget-friendly dinners thus far.

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