Breakfast for Dinner #13: Vegetarian Brunch Bake

Vegetarian Brunch Bake

Eggs, white potatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic plus seasoning, Parmesan cheese, orange bell pepper, olive oil, salt, pepper

Based on this recipe


Finally, a new, fully-written post. Feels good to be back in the blogging saddle. After an extra-long Thanksgiving weekend at my parents’ house and returning to work immediately after, I haven’t had time to grocery shop yet, meaning our fridge is pretty darn bare. Luckily, I still had some produce and nearly a dozen eggs from the week before to make this dish. We couldn’t get into the mood for it, which was lucky because otherwise we wouldn’t have had anything to eat when we got back otherwise!


This dish was a total team effort between BF and me. While he chopped the veggies, I whisked up the eggs and cheese and prepped the dish. On days when we both work 8 hours, I really appreciate the kitchen help, even more than I did before when he just pitched in to be nice. We’re both equally tired so it’s only fair. Thank goodness I found a partner who believes in equal amounts of work and doesn’t stick to traditional gender roles too hard. What a gem I’ve found!


This recipe originally called for bacon, but we had eaten the last of our package before we left. I frankly didn’t miss it and it made the dish a lot healthier! I’m really on board with these dishes I’ve been making lately that include the veggies in the dish, rather than on the side of the main. Neither of us are huge fans of just munching on plain cooked vegetables, so hiding them in with yummy other stuff is ideal!

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