Compilation Post

Hello, readers! Turns out I haven’t died, nor have I abandoned my cooking journey and this blog. Life has just gotten super busy lately and I feel like I can’t keep up with my posts. I know I have no excuse because every blogger is busy, but with work (retail is hella crazy this time of year), visiting my parents for 5 days, and trying to keep my house from looking like a total disaster, I haven’t had the time. Obviously I can’t remember any fun stories or anecdotes for each of these recipes, so I’ve put together a simple compilation post of photos and ingredients for each dish. Hope you enjoy! You’ll hear back from me soon, I swear :p


Pepperoni Pizza Baked Chicken

Chicken breast, pepperoni, tomato sauce, garlic plus seasoning, mozzarella cheese



Biscuit Taco Melts

Refrigerated biscuits, ground beef, marble cheese, salsa, taco seasoning



One-pot Pasta

Spaghetti, spinach, sweet potato, kielbasa sausage, olive oil, chicken broth, salt, pepper



BBQ Beef Casserole

Ground beef, marble cheese, biscuits, BBQ sauce, Dijon mustard



Sausage and Spinach Rice

Brown rice, spinach, hot Italian sausage, olive oil, Parmesan cheese

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