Harvest Soup

Harvest Soup

Chicken breast, corn, diced tomatoes, mixed beans, quinoa, butternut squash, fajita seasoning, chicken broth, spinach

I used this recipe


What a foil to the last meal I wrote about! Everything about this dinner was glorious, from the process of cooking as a team with my boyfriend on a rare weekend day we both had off to the delicious end result.


I’d been putting off making this dish for quite some time, leaving a sad-looking butternut squash sitting on my kitchen counter. I had never cut one before and was afraid I’d cut my hand off while I was alone and bleed to death. So naturally, I made my boyfriend do it. While he chopped veggies, I prepped the rest of the soup ingredients. Our crockpot was literally filled to its brim! Everything bubbled together and made our house warm and yummy-smelling on a chilly fall Saturday.


I was so happy that this recipe made wayyyy more soup than we could eat in one sitting. The hearty chicken, sweet squash, zesty fajita seasoning, and crunchy veggies made this an autumn celebration in my mouth! I’ve already taken leftovers of it to work twice! If you want to feed an army with a filling, healthy meal, try this one.

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