Breakfast for Dinner #11: Frittata

IMG_1663 Favourite Frittata

Eggs, spinach, white potato, red bell pepper, breakfast sausage, salt, pepper, cream

A modification of this recipe

I would make this for every brunch party ever (that is, if I attended/hosted brunch parties and didn’t spend my weekend mornings in bed/on the couch in my underwear). It’s so frickin’ tasty and healthy and pretty to look at.

My bf actually made this one on a day when I was working and he was not. He executed it flawlessly, not to mention making some creative and delicious modifications all on his own, like making the potatoes into a crust and adding in some leftover bell peppers we had in the fridge. Good job, baby!

This was another one of those dishes that acts as a delicious way to trick myself into eating veggies. I know that neither of us gets even close to enough greens, so I’ve taken to finding recipes that either have spinach in them or have flexible enough recipe that spinach could be added. I absolutely abhor salads and I also used to hate cooked spinach, as I find it slimy. Thanks to these yummy recipes and chopping the leaves up super fine, I’ve learned to tolerate and even like this superfood!

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