Chicken and Veggie White Pizza

IMG_1659Chicken and Veggie White Pizza

Chicken breast, pizza crust, red bell pepper, broccoli, garlic plus seasoning, marble cheese, Parmesan cheese

Based on the recipe found here

O.M.G. This was, no joke, one of the most delicious pizzas I have ever eaten. When I pinned this recipe, it was another one of those “well here’s a semi-enjoyable way to eat vegetables and be semi-healthy” feelings. Boy, did I underestimate this pizza HARD.

I made one big change to the original recipe: leaving off the garlic sauce. It seemed like too much dairy for my stomach to handle, plus essentially putting alfredo sauce on a veggie pizza sort of negates the health benefits of the veggies, in my opinion. This was also my first time trying “white” pizza (no sauce) and I was pleasantly surprised!

When I put this on the weekly menu, I was really nervous that my boyfriend would hate it. As I’ve mentioned before, he’s an absolute pizza hound and would probably eat it 5 times a week if left to his own devices. His favourites are the greasy, extra-cheese, 5-types-of-processed-meat varieties, so proposing a veggie-heavy topping list was like walking through a minefield: I might get away with it, but not likely. Against all odds, he loved it as much as I did! It’s hard to argue with the flavourful crunch of yummy veggies, moist chicken, and salty cheese!

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