Zesty Italian Sausge Pasta

IMG_1645Zesty Italian Sausage Pasta

Spaghetti, mild Italian sausage, spinach, chicken broth, Italian-seasoned tomatoes

I used this recipe

I hate to toot my own horn (no I don’t), but this dinner photographed beautifully. The red tomatoes, green spinach, white noodles, and brown garlic toast look like a work of art. The dish tasted almost as good as it looks!

This was another dish that came out just as expected. It was pasta with sausage, yummy but nothing special. Maybe if the sausage and/or sauce had been spicy or we used a different and more flavourful vegetable, it would’ve tasted more interesting and been more memorable. While I have nothing bad I to say about this dinner and I enjoyed it a lot at the time, I doubt I’ll remember it weeks down the road. Make this if you want a positive (though not unique) experience.

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