Skillet Gnocchi with Veggies

IMG_1617Skillet Gnocchi with Vegetables

Gnocchi, spinach, white beans, Italian-seasoned tomatoes, pepper, Parmesan cheese

I slightly modified this recipe

I know this looks healthy and terrible but hear me out; it’s healthy and DAGGONE DELICIOUS! The gnocchi adds comforting carbs to an otherwise veggie-heavy dish. The flavours work together in perfect harmony and the combo of pasta and beans fills you right up.

I’ll admit I was nervous I wasn’t going to like this dish. You see, me and leafy greens are not friends. At all. The few times I’ve eaten salad I’ve gagged after 3 bites. I just can’t stand the fact that lettuce/spinach/etc taste and feel exactly how you’d expect a leaf to taste and feel in your mouth. Being that I’m not a caterpillar nor a turtle, this texture and taste combo grosses me right out. That said, I liked this dish.  A lot. The spinach was neither slimy nor leaf-crunchy and absorbed the tomato taste so it tasted great!

This was also an easy dinner to prepare. Just throw some stuff into a skillet, stir it around for awhile, and enjoy! I will definitely be adding this yummy, vegetarian meal to my list of faves!

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