Salisbury Steaks

IMG_1611Salisbury Steaks

Ground beef, breadcrumbs, egg, onion and garlic soup mix

I should really read the entire recipe before I go shopping and again before I start cooking. Whoops.

When I read a “simple Salisbury steak” recipe on Pinterest that called for onion soup mix, I just assumed that it was for the gravy, so I did not buy broth or pre-mixed gravy for this recipe. When it came time to cook (after 2 hours of laying around after a particularly busy work day) I realized that I didn’t have everything I needed. I was determined not to have another kitchen breakdown a la sweet potato pancakes so I decided to improvise and use my mistake as my method. I cooked the onion soup mix with 1/3 the water it called for to create a makeshift gravy and let that be the seasoning for the dish. With all the salt, onions, and garlic in the soup mix, the unseasoned meat wasn’t missing anything!

This dish was just ok. The soup was a little too strong in flavour for me and baking the “steaks” created that weird layer of grease on the bottom of each one, which grosses me out texture-wise. It was a fine lazy day dinner but I wouldn’t make it again.

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