Hot Italian Sammies

IMG_1573Hot Italian Sammies

Pepperoni, salami, Parmesan cheese, sandwich rolls, sun-dried tomato pesto

Based on this recipe

Thanks to my amazing boyfriend for cooking these! Because of our conflicting work schedules, the cooking fell to him twice in three days and he didn’t complain once 🙂 I asked him to make these yummy sandwiches because they were easy and fast, perfect since he got home just half an hour before me.

The protein, carbs, and fat of this dinner hit the spot for both of us after long work days and served as yummy comfort food. If we hadn’t run out of buns, we definitely would’ve over-indulged! These sammies are absolutely not heart-healthy (or really healthy in any kind of way) but taste delicious! Instead of making the spread the recipe calls for, we used some tomato pesto that has been taking up fridge space. It made the sandwiches taste kind of like pizza! Another tip: DO NOT skip the last step of baking the sammies. The quick stint in the oven melts the cheese, toasts the bread, and warms the meat, which I think improved the overall sandwich experience by 1000%.

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