Taco-Stuffed Potatoes

Taco-stuffed Potatoes IMG_1556

Ground turkey, refried beans, taco seasoning, potatoes, shredded cheese

I used this recipe

These were so freaking cool! Of all the crazy toppings I’ve had on baked potatoes over the years, I never thought to make essentially taco potato skins. The flavours just WORK and the gooey filling inside the starchy potato were texture harmony. The beans, meat, and potatoes all combined also made them soooo filling. I have nothing bad to say about this recipe at. all.

The only problem we ran into with this dish was that the potatoes took approximately a million years to cook in the microwave, which is the cooking method listed in the recipe. Even after 15 minutes they were still hard on top. However, we just decided to dig them out as they were and dealt with slightly hard potatoes; a small price to pay for the overall deliciousness of the dish. These were so amazingly tasty and unique; definitely something to make when you have dinner guests who have tried it all, been there, and done that.

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