Hamburger Casserole

IMG_1551Hamburger Casserole

Ground beef, red sauce, fusilli, shredded two cheddar cheese blend, garlic powder

Based on the recipe found here

Mondays are always tough, cooking-wise and just in general. This week we had Monday off for Canadian Thanksgiving, which was both a blessing and a curse. It means a 4-day work week for most people including my bf, but made Tuesday harder to get back into the swing of things!

After a crazy trip to the grocery store (Tuesdays are student discount days so it was PACKED), I returned home with tons of food and no ambition to cook any of it after 6 hours of work. We were also scheduled for a round of pub trivia with friends so I needed to prepare something yummy and fast. Hamburger casserole/homemade hamburger helper/”goulash” fit the bill this time. This dinner was actually a suggestion from my boyfriend when he saw me scrolling through Pinterest, sweat on my brow as I searched for new, tasty, and cream-soup-free recipes to try. It’s relatively cheap to make and made him nostalgic so I had no complaints.

This dish was just “meh.” There’s nothing good or bad I can really say about browned ground beef, pasta, and tomato sauce. It tasted exactly as I expected, nothing bad nor amazing. This would be a good thing to make if you had guests who were either kids or picky/non-adventurous eaters.

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