Sweet Potato Cauliflower Pancakes

IMG_1523Sweet Potato Cauliflower Pancakes

Sweet potato, cauliflower, cheddar cheese, almond milk, salt, pepper, egg

Based on the recipe found here

The photo of this dish shows two perfectly browned, relatively round, fine-looking potato pancakes. It does not show the floods of tears it took to get there. So far, I’ve been extremely successful in the kitchen. There have of course been a few bumps in the cooking road but no major disasters. This recipe, however, was kind of a disaster each step of the way.

First, I don’t have a food processor so I tried to mash the cauliflower and sweet potato with a potato masher (not strong enough) and then an electric hand mixer (led to hunks of veggies flying all over my kitchen). Finally, an immersion blender did the trick and made a pretty smooth mixture. Then, I made the cakes too big and round and I couldn’t get the flipper under them, so I ended up smushing them into the side of the griddle/each other while attempting to flip them. The most frustrating part of the entire ordeal was that they ended up tasting freaking good so that part was a success but making them was pretty much a big fat fail. The fact that I absolutely HATE failing at things, coupled with the fact that my bf was trying to relax after work but he ended up doing basically everything for this dish because I couldn’t, made me feel soooo bad. Props to my sleepy/hungry/alarmed boyfriend for pulling this dinner together.

All this aside, if you have the patience, totally make these. They were delicious and pretty healthy! Hopefully better reports for tomorrow’s post.

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