Chicken Stew

IMG_1511-0Chicken Stew

Chicken breast, peas, carrots, white potatoes, chicken stew seasoning mix

This may have been the biggest surprise hit of all the dinners I’ve made! I was feeling kind of lazy after my second long/early day at my new job and wanted to make something easy but still healthy and of course yummy! I’d had half a bag of peas and carrots taking up space in my freezer for awhile and a random package of chicken stew seasoning blend in the pantry so I thought, why not? The only real work I had to put into this was chopping the potatoes and chicken, easy peasy.

I don’t know how this “stew” ended up more like a casserole but I frankly like it better this way. Maybe I didn’t use enough water? Neither of us were really in the mood for soup so the fact that this came out extra chunky was a major plus. It was also one of the few times I’ve seen my boyfriend eat veggies (especially peas) so willingly 😛 The only downside to this dish is that we ate so much of it, there’s only one helping of leftovers!

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