Vegan Chili

IMG_1480Vegan Chili

Sweet potatoes, corn, diced tomatoes with onions and green peppers, six bean medley, chili seasoning mix, brown sugar

I modified the recipe found here

After a greasy, yummy, decidedly not-even-close-to-vegan dinner on Tuesday, I opted for the healthiest dish on my meal plan for last night. I was pretty nervous about how this would turn out to be honest; I love love love chili and the biggest reason is the fatty taste the meat adds to it. Without that, I feared the dish would be bland or even worse: vegetable-y. To my surprise and relief, this tasted really great! I only wish I had added two packets of seasoning instead of 1, since without the fat taste, flavour is lacking overall.

As you may have noticed, I have (and this has been true since my wee childhood days) a big ol’ love affair with sweet potatoes. They’re pretty to look at, taste good in both sweet and savoury contexts, and are hella good for you. The perfect food ❤ So when I was browsing recipes online, the sweet potatoes were the main selling point of this dish for me. I also had somehow missed out on eating corn the whole summer and was craving it, so that was another bonus. This chili is full of vitamins and protein and fiber and is darn tasty. Try it, you’ll like it!

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