Egg and Bacon Pizza

IMG_1470Egg and Bacon Pizza

Eggs, pizza crust, bacon, sun-dried tomato pesto, shredded mozzarella cheese

Inspired by this recipe


I expected this pizza to be good, but it even defied my expectations. The tomato pesto worked as a unique tomato sauce alternative, the bacon was crispy, the cheese was melty. The eggs were a little runny for my liking but the bf likes them that way and we were both too hungry to let this gorgeous creation sit in the oven any longer. This pizza was as messy as you’d expect and we loved every minute.

When I started the prep for this, I thought it might not come together. I had bought a duo of pre-made pizza crusts last week and had this one left in our fridge in an unsealed package. When I took it out, the crust was dried up and hard on the exposed side and warped because of it. Luckily, some wet paper towels and a microwave (a trick my parents taught me to rehydrate stale tortillas) made it workable. The things we go through for pizza! :p

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