One Skillet Italian Chicken

IMG_1464One Skillet Italian Chicken

Chicken breast cutlets, red sauce, olive oil, shredded mozzarella cheese

I simplified the recipe found here

When I looked through my weekly meal plan deciding which dish to make first, I had trouble deciding (this week is gonna be pretty killer, so stay tuned!). There are so many yummy things I could make but let’s be honest: on a rainy Monday I wanted something warm, comforting, and quick to prepare. This chicken skillet fit the bill to a T! Plus, the fewer dishes to wash, the better.

That said, this was kind of a disappointing dish. Yeah, it was easy and tasted perfectly fine but it isn’t one of the more unique dinners I’ve made. It tasted like a super light version of chicken parm and frankly wasn’t enough food. I ended up eating some veggies and a bowl of oatmeal to stave off the tummy grumbles. If you want to make a dinner that’s quick and will bring you no complaints, this is for you. If you want something awe-inspiring, skip it.

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