Breakfast for Dinner #9: Baked Omelette

IMG_1446Baked Omelette

Eggs, ham, olive oil, salt, pepper, half and half, shredded mozzarella cheese

Based on this recipe

This dish tasted as delectable as it looks! Before going out for a few drinks with friends, I wanted to make a fast and filling meal that also used up the eggs that had been sitting in our fridge for awhile. After scrolling through Pinterest for awhile, I came across this dish which might be the easiest thing I’ve made, especially because we had leftover diced ham in the freezer from the breakfast quesadillas I made awhile ago. Just scramble the eggs, stir everything else in, and throw it all in a casserole dish to bake!

Because I made this with 9 (!) eggs, both the bf and I stayed full all night. We didn’t even get the tipsy munchies! That protein though! This dish is fluffy, salty, yummy, and easy enough that I might even make it for actual brunch or breakfast instead of dinner someday 😛

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