Vegetarian “Meatball” Pizza

IMG_1429Vegetarian “Meatball” Pizza

Black beans, garlic powder, breadcrumbs, shredded mozzarella cheese, red sauce, thin pizza crust

If you haven’t yet tried the black bean “meatballs” I’ve featured on this blog multiple times, MAKE THEM NOW. My boyfriend, who frequently devours meat-lover’s pizzas, requests that I make them practically every week. That’s how delicious they are!

After a morning full of interviews and lots of bus travel, I was exhausted and crashed when I got home, moving only to call my parents. That’s when I realized it was 5:15, I hadn’t started dinner, and we were scheduled for pub trivia in a few hours. Ack! I had intended to make this later in the week with real meatballs, but when you’re on a time crunch, “meatballs” that won’t give you salmonella no matter how short their cook time are a better bet. In fact, they turned out even better than I think real meatballs would have. They were still kind of squishy when the pizza was done, but this just allowed us to smush a garlicky, bean-y layer on top of the cheese; sounds gross, tasted phenomenal!

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