Chili Cheese Dog Bubble-up Bake

IMG_1419Chili Cheese Dog Bubble-up Bake

Chicken hot dogs, biscuits, chili, shredded cheese, garlic powder

I used the recipe found here

Disclaimer: I am aware that this dish is horribly unhealthy. Second disclaimer: I’m not even mad about it. Sometimes you need a treat, and this casserole is just that. The con of this dinner (that every ingredient is pre-packaged) also works as a pro, since it’s super duper easy and quick to prepare.

The beans in the chili, along with the protein of the hot dogs makes this super filling. The fluffy biscuits practically melt in your mouth. We ate this before going out for drinks and it worked as the perfect base for soaking up alcohol in our bellies 😛 I’m totally on board the bubble-up bake train!

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