Tortellini and Sausage “Soup”

IMG_1413Tortellini and Sausage “Soup”

Tortellini, Italian sausage, olive oil, water, salt, pepper, Italian-seasoned crushed tomatoes

I found this recipe here

Ok ok, at first glance this looks like a big fat fail, and maybe to some people it would be. This was supposed to be a soup and it turned out more like pasta with a super runny sauce. However, I’m really trying to be forgiving on myself throughout my cooking journey and decided that if we like it, it’s still a win, no matter how far off from the Pinterest-perfect photo it looks!

The problem was obviously in the actual “soup” part. I didn’t have/didn’t want to buy the broth the recipe called for; I figured with all the flavours from the other ingredients, water would work just fine. I had read that when doing this switcheroo, you shouldn’t use a 1-to-1 ratio to avoid a weird-tasting dish. I guess I just used wayyyyyy less than I should have!

Other than that, this dish was perfect! The sausages tasted great, the tortellini were stuffed with a spicy chili filling which was new and fun to me, and we got to munch on gooey grilled mozzarella sammies; I’d call that a win!

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