Split Pea Soup

IMG_1387Split Pea Soup

Split peas, diced ham, salt, pepper, garlic powder, white potato, water

I used this recipe

I’m so proud of this dish, even though it was just a crock pot dinner. It was my first attempt at making a true soup and it came out awesome! It was also an absolutely delicious way to eat a bunch of veggies; even though we’re adults eating vegetables willingly is still a struggle for us 😛 This soup was super hearty and made the entire hallway outside my apartment smell like ham; you’re welcome, floormates! The meat and potatoes made what could have been a boring and bland soup flavourful and filling.

After a few bites, my boyfriend gave me the best compliment ever about my cooking. He said the soup tasted like his grandma’s, which made me so happy because after telling him I was going to make this, he told me cute memories of his grandma making this for his lunch when he visited her. I was so happy I could do justice to his nostalgia!

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