Hummus-crusted Chicken

IMG_1383Hummus-crusted Chicken

Chicken breast, roasted red pepper hummus

Found this recipe here

I was busy and feeling quite rushed yesterday and this dish was the perfect solution! It took less than 5 minutes to prepare and was a filling, tasty, quick dinner to eat before a round of pub trivia. Even though it baked at 450 degrees, it stayed super juicy and tender, even the smaller chicken breasts. Yum!

The recipe I used calls for plain hummus dusted with paprika but in true Ann fashion, I didn’t adhere to this. Roasted red pepper hummus is practically my life blood, so I was pretty excited to incorporate it into a dinner dish. The hummus also lost a lot of flavour during the breaking process, so using plain might not have worked out well; it basically would’ve been chicken topped with a gooey, salty glob of mushed-up beans. This is now in the lineup for really fast and easy dinner ideas. I’m excited to try it with different hummus flavours!

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