Pesto Chicken Rotini

IMG_1361Pesto Chicken Rotini

Chicken breast, rotini pasta, basil pesto, red bell pepper, shredded light Italian cheese blend

Despite what the photo looks like, I promise there’s pesto in this pasta dish! I only had about half a jar left in the fridge; that was enough to make it taste pesto-y but not enough to give it that fun green colour. Adding red bell pepper to the pasta was such a yummy addition, as its flavour really complements chicken, pesto, and cheese well.

Usually when I cook dishes that contain chopped chicken, I make my boyfriend cut it because, dirty kitchen secret, I hate touching raw chicken! The texture grosses me right out. This time, I wanted to start cooking before he got home so instead of biting the bullet and just touching the chicken, I baked it while prepping the other ingredients. This is a perfect example of my “work smarter, not harder” approach to life :p

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