Breakfast for Dinner #6: Mini Frittatas 

Mini Frittatas IMG_1304

Eggs, Canadian bacon, shredded Italian cheese blend, salt, pepper, water

I modified this recipe

Yum yum! I know I say this about lots of recipes, but these were stupid easy to make. Literally scramble the eggs, put the meat and cheese in the bottom of muffin tin cups, pour the eggs over, and bake! My mom took on half the work so these were even faster. They were fluffy, salty, and pretty darn adorable on the plate. They’re also a great way to use up the better part of a dozen eggs if you have any that are getting old in your fridge.

The only down fall of this dish is, well, the dish! By that I mean listen to the recipe instructions DEFINITELY SPRAY THE MUFFIN TIN because I did not and the egg was nigh impossible to scrub off. Though the original recipe calls for prosciutto, which would arguably be a little fancier, I used back bacon instead because I had some to get rid of. I imagine any breakfast-y meat would work if you broke it up small enough.

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