Cheesy BBQ Mini Meatloaves

IMG_1297Cheesy BBQ Mini Meatloaves

Ground turkey, marble cheese, BBQ sauce, egg, breadcrumbs

Found this recipe here

These simple little meatloaves will always seem special to me. This week, my parents are visiting me and the bf so to save money and the hassle of choosing a restaurant we’d all like, I decided to cook. Believe it or not last night was the first time I’d ever cooked a complete meal by myself for my parents. I specifically chose this recipe because it sounded yummy but not too wild for my parents’ bland taste 😛

Though I don’t know how this can possibly be true, this was also my boyfriend’s first time eating meatloaf. Thank goodness this was yummy and he had a good first impression; in fact, he requested more meatloaf! This was the best meatloaf I’ve ever had and everyone else agreed, as I learned by the clean plates and thumbs-up I received mid-chew. I’m glad that this saucy, cheesy concoction was such a crowd pleaser. Will make again!!

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