Pepperoni Lover’s Baked Pasta

IMG_1266Pepperoni Lover’s Baked Pasta

Pepperoni, rotini, red sauce, shredded Italian cheese blend

Both of us loved this dish! While it was basically the same as the chicken baked spaghetti I’d made before, just with different pasta and different meat, there were no complaints here. It was a yummy, fast, and easy dinner for a night when I had to run off to an event almost as soon as my boyfriend got home.

The original recipe I have for this calls for an entire package of pre-sliced pepperoni, rather than slices cut off a stick like I used. My way made it taste more hearty, like a sausage dish, though the original way would provide a lot more pepperonis and their delicious greasy taste. I liked this dish better than other pastas with meat because you don’t have to cook the meat first; since you can eat pepperoni as is, it cuts a lot of time and work out of the cooking prep process!

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