BBQ Turkey Quinoa Burgers

IMG_1257BBQ Turkey Quinoa Burgers

Ground turkey, BBQ sauce, garlic powder, salt, pepper, flour, quinoa

I used this recipe

Make these tonight! They tasted great, are relatively healthy, and are so easy! Mixing the BBQ sauce into the burgers as well as putting it on top made for a very unique and yummy burger. It would be fun to substitute other sauces like ranch or honey mustard to play with different flavours.

The quinoa was both a blessing and a curse in this dish. Quinoa has kind of become the bane of my existence because it’s such a pain to soak/rinse/drain/cook. However, it’s darn tasty and a great alternative to rice or pasta and gave the burgers a better texture than bread crumbs do. Next time I make these, however, I will defy the recipe’s directions and use an egg to bind the patties together; they were too big for just a little bit of flour to keep them from falling apart! I’m not vegan and neither is my bf, so I really don’t see a reason to go egg-free, especially considering it’s a meat dish anyway.

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