Crispy Cheesy Chicken

Crispy Cheesy Chicken IMG_1253

Chicken breast, garlic powder, shredded marble cheese, bread crumbs, egg

Based on this recipe

First thing’s first: I barely followed the recipe I posted above. It was more like an inspiration really. I subbed bread crumbs for crackers, marble for cheddar cheese, and just sprinkled the cheese on top instead of rolling the chicken in it; I just didn’t trust those little shreds to stick. I also added my beloved garlic plus seasoning to the crumbs instead of just salt and pepper, which made it so much more flavourful and yummy! The cheese also got extra crispy and brown because I baked the chicken uncovered on a cookie sheet instead of in a covered dish. I liked the results of that substitution best of all!

There isn’t much to really say about this dish. It’s breaded chicken and cheese; what’s not to love? This dinner was like the middle-of-the-pack girls on America’s Next Top Model. It was really good and should deserve more credit, but honestly wasn’t unique or memorable enough for me to want over and over.

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