Sugar Cookie Bars

11821258_1491546111137859_1549131260_nSugar Cookie Bars

Sugar, flour, margarine, salt, baking powder, eggs, sprinkles, vanilla almond milk, vanilla extract

Even though we went out for dinner last night, I felt like making something. I’d been hungry for a homemade dessert all week and finally had a whole day to do nothing (aka bake). After combing through my Pinterest boards and recipe book, I finally found a dessert that was both easy and required only ingredients I actually had in the house. With that, I welcome you to the first Sweets and Treats edition of Food Ann Made Today!

I really made these for me, but it looks like most of them are going to end up in my boyfriend’s belly. He could hardly wait for them to cool! They’re super dense and sweet and cakey and have every good trait of both cookies and cake. And because I’ve been a sprinkle fiend since I can remember, I added a dash (or twelve) of rainbow nonpareils to make them look as good as they taste!

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