Sweet Potato Hash

IMG_1224Sweet Potato Hash

Sweet potatoes, white potatoes, red bell pepper, Canadian bacon, ground ginger, salt, pepper, garlic powder

Based on the recipe found here

Oh my god what. I don’t know if it was the fact that I was super hungry, or that I have a love affair with sweet potatoes or that this dish was actually really good but I could’ve eaten the whole skillet! In fact, I declared that I wanted to marry it. The salt of the back bacon brought out the flavours of all the other ingredients and gave a smoky taste to what could’ve been a bland dish.

While making this, I completed another part of my new chef initiation: chopping a sweet potato. I didn’t realize how hard they are! I went through three knives (and almost bent the paring knife I’d used on the white potatoes) before I found one sharp enough for the job. I’m abnormally slow at chopping and peeling, so I was grateful for the opportunity to practice those skills (a lot) when making this dinner.

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