Sloppy Joe Casserole

IMG_1216Sloppy Joe casserole

Ground chicken, stewed tomatoes with onions and green peppers, garlic powder, chili seasoning mix, mustard, brown sugar, crescent rolls, Italian cheese blend

Found the recipe here

This dish was an unexpected adventure! It definitely didn’t taste like a sloppy joe but it was still so good! During my weekly grocery shopping trip I searched high and low for the Manwich the recipe calls for but to no avail. Instead, I bought a can of stewed tomatoes/onions/peppers and thought that would be a good replacement. Then I realized I didn’t have the key ingredient to making sloppy Joes so irresistible: Worcestershire sauce! I ended up frantically throwing random ingredients in with the meat and it turned out actually pretty darn tasty.

My version was also a lot more liquidy than the photos on the original recipe’s page, which made the layer of crescent rolls on the bottom of the pan pretty soggy. My bf didn’t mind this at all but it gave me texture issues. Next time I’ll bake the rolls for a few minutes before adding in the meat mixture. We’ve decided to rename this dish “deconstructed pizza” or “lazy sloppy lasagna” hehe.

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