Baked Chicken Fingers

IMG_1198Baked Chicken Fingers

Chicken breast filets, garlic powder, breadcrumbs, egg

I used this recipe

Thank god for an easy recipe after the quinoa and kale! I wasn’t sure that I even wanted to make these because I didn’t think I was craving chicken. I was wrong. These turned out so delicious, perfectly cooked, and way lighter than normal chicken fingers. They weren’t greasy at all and the garlic powder I added to the breading made them so tasty!

Everything about the recipe I used was spot-on except you definitely don’t need 3 eggs for coating just 10 chicken fingers. Also luckily I caught mine before disaster struck but I WOULD NOT recommend broiling the chicken towards the end of the cook time like it says; mine started to burn almost as soon as I turned on the broiler. Thank goodness I didn’t lose them because this dish hit the spot!


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