Pulled Pork Sammies

IMG_1181Pulled Pork Sammies

Pork shoulder roast, BBQ sauce, olive oil, brown sugar, chili seasoning mix

I modified this recipe

I’m so proud of this dinner! Even though it was a lot less complicated than some of the other dishes I’ve made (looking at you Scotch eggs), I never thought I could achieve making one of my favourite foods at home. The only thing I regret is not having enough BBQ sauce so the meat was a little dry. The bf didn’t seem to mind though, as he gobbled down 3 sandwiches worth :p

This checked off a box on the new chef initiation list: it was the first time I ever cooked dinner at 8 in the morning. I put the pork into the crockpot when i got up to make my boyfriend’s coffee like I always do before he goes to work. Thank goodness all I had to do was pop the roast into the crock and rub some sugar and seasoning on it because I definitely was not awake enough for anything more complex!

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