Chicken chili

IMG_1168Chicken chili

Ground chicken, black beans, salsa, chili seasoning mix

Find the recipe here

I want to make this approximately every day! It was so tasty, super easy (thanks crockpot), and quick to prepare. This is a great option for busy nights when you want something yummy and filling but quick to eat before rushing back out the door after work to other activities.

As a kid, I was an extreme picky eater and refused to eat chili any time my mom made it. Now it’s one of my favourite foods! This version is a bit healthier since I replaced the usual ground beef with extra lean ground chicken. I sort of missed the fatty taste beef chili has, but my boyfriend said he didn’t even notice. I also left out the crushed tomatoes because a) I forgot to buy some on my weekly grocery run and b) neither of us are huge tomato fans. Using just salsa worked perfectly for giving the chili a soupy, tomato-y base.

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