Chicken Lo Mein

11325240_1631975123683500_1259193376_nChicken lo mein

Chicken breast, mixed veggies, soy sauce, noodles, sugar, garlic powder, chicken broth, olive oil, flour

I used this recipe with a few subtractions/substitutions

Whatttttt. Neither of us expected this to be so absolutely yummy. We even agreed that we liked this better than Chinese takeout. Go me!

The best part is that you can make it in just one pot! I liked this fact because I just got to throw all the ingredients together and leave it (except giving it a stir every now and then) and my boyfriend liked it because it was his day to wash dishes 😉 I was a little wary of this approach at first. I feared that the noodles would be overcooked and the veggies would be undercooked but nope, everything was perfect, even though my veggies were frozen. My only word of warning: this stayed HOT for a long time so take a second before stuffing your face full of noodles!

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