Breakfast for dinner #5: Pesto egg cups

IMG_1163Pesto Egg Cups

Eggs, rosemary focaccia, basil pesto, shredded cheddar cheese

Do yourself a favor and make these right now. Oh. My. God.

I have no earthly clue where I got this recipe from; I stumbled upon it in my hand-written recipe book that I’ve been compiling off *the internetz* for 5 years. It’s basically a fancier and more grown-up version of the bird nests I’d made before that both my bf and I really loved. The original recipe calls for bruschetta but because neither of us are huge tomato fans (and because I had some pesto sitting in the fridge), I made a delicious modification. The bread was fresh and flavourful, the pesto and cheese livened up the eggs, and the dish just looks so darn pretty!

Once again, this was a team effort. My boyfriend sliced and cut wells in the bread and shredded the cheese while I cooked the bacon and constructed the “cups.” When quartering the bread, we did half cut longways and half cut shortways because we couldn’t agree. This actually turned out great because the fatter/deeper bread kept the eggs runnier (which he likes) and the flatter bread allowed the eggs to cook harder (which I like). Win win!

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