Black bean burgers

IMG_1161Black Bean Burgers

Black beans, breadcrumbs, chili seasoning mix, egg

On Sunday while I was planning our weekly menu, I was quite surprised when my boyfriend asked me to make black bean burgers. For a man who basically used to subsist on steak and pizza, this is a huge turn-around! I gladly obliged and used essentially the same recipe I used for the nuggets, just with more seasoning and fewer breadcrumbs.

This was a very tasty meal, despite the cooking trials it presented. The burgers were so sticky and thick that despite looking cooked and dry on the outside, they were still squishy on the inside. At the same time, the sweet potato fries burnt on one side because we were so caught up in trying to remove the burgers from the baking sheet. I have no idea how they got so sticky! Also, I guess I’m mixing inept because the immersion blender proved to give me just as much grief as the blender. Thank goodness for bf coming to my rescue and blending flawlessly. I love when he helps me in the kitchen 🙂

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