Black bean and broccoli nuggets 

IMG_1156Black Bean and Broccoli Nuggets

Black beans, breadcrumbs, chili seasoning, broccoli, shredded marble cheese

I used this recipe for the black bean and this one for the broccoli.

These little nuggets were the most pleasant surprise I’ve encountered since I started my cooking journey. I honestly didn’t expect much out of these and only made them so I wouldn’t have to waste extra veggies from other meals. Luckily, they had a fluffy texture, lots of flavour, and made a filling side for our frozen turkey burgers. Dipping the bean nuggets in BBQ sauce made them even yummier!

However, I got super annoyed during the process of prepping these. Both recipes call for a food processor, which my newbie kitchen sadly lacks. Instead, I tried to use our small, low-powered blender. THIS WAS A MISTAKE! There was too much food for the blender to handle and the blades weren’t sharp enough to cut through the broccoli properly. This meant me smushing and digging around in the mixture to help it mix and blend properly. Next time I’ll either pre-chop the veggies or use our immersion blender instead. A must-make to give leftover vegetables new life!

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