BBQ chicken and bacon pizza

IMG_1154BBQ Chicken and Bacon Pizza

Chicken breast, bacon, thin pizza crust, bbq sauce, shredded mozzarella cheese

Oh my goodness, another hit! My boyfriend was so eager for me to make this because it’s his favourite kind of pizza. Even though the BBQ sauce was a little much for me, I loved it too! We worked as a team on this one, with me cooking the meats and prepping the crust and him chopping the meats and arranging them on the pizza. If he ever loses his current job, Domino’s should hire him right quick because that bacon distribution was on point!

The recipe I worked from suggested shredding the chicken but that seemed like more work than it was worth so I went with chunks. I also tossed the chicken in more BBQ sauce so the dish was extra flavourful! Pro tip: fry the bacon first, then cook the chicken in its grease. Yum! My favourite part about this whole dinner was its deviation from our usual flavour profiles. I’ve been generally sticking to Italian red sauce-based dishes or Mexican-inspired ones, so this offered a nice change of pace.

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