Shepard’s Pie

IMG_1149Shepard’s Pie

Ground beef, peas, carrots, creamed corn, potatoes

I halfed the recipe found here

Yummmmmmm! I was so excited to make this recipe for the first time. It’s been a family favourite since I can remember and it seems I’ve inherited the knack for making it. Like the recipe I used for inspiration, my family just uses two kinds of corn but I found that hella redundant and not so healthy, so much to my boyfriend’s chagrin, I added peas and carrots instead.

This was delicious and filling as expected. My only gripe is that the “30 minute” and “easy” claims in the recipe title are LIES! It took me 30 minutes to peel and chop the potatoes alone (although admittedly that’s super slow). It took a lot of steps and a lot of time but the end result really is worth it. I’ll most definitely make this again, probably when it’s cold and snowy and we need warms!

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