Prosciutto-Wrapped Stuffed Chicken Breast

IMG_1126Prosciutto-Wrapped Stuffed Chicken Breast

Chicken breasts, sliced cheddar cheese, prosciutto, red bell pepper

Slightly modified version of this recipe

This dish was such a pleasure for the senses! It was colourful, made our kitchen smell delicious, and had a unique range of tastes (salty prosciutto, sharp cheese, sweet pepper). Moreover, my boyfriend collaborated on it with me (mostly because I don’t like touching raw meat), so it was one of my favourite cooking experiences so far. I sliced the cheese and pepper, he cut the chicken breasts and stuffed them, and we both wrapped. Cooking truly is a great way to bond; we had lots of fun working together and were both in a great mood the rest of the night.

This was arguably the most ambitious recipe I’ve attempted so far and it turned out perfect! The chicken was moist, the cheese was melty, the layers of different ingredients made it interesting to eat. Still, I can only take half the credit as my bf did all the actual hard work. I guess next time I’ll have to face my disgust head on!

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