Crockpot Stew

IMG_1124Crockpot Stew

Honey garlic sausages, red skin potatoes, green beans

Can you smellllllll what the crock is cookin’?? This was my first attempt at cooking a meal in my brand-new sparkly crockpot and the results were pretty darn good! It felt kind of weird to start cooking dinner in the middle of the day but I loved having time for a cuddle session after my boyfriend got home from work instead of running to the kitchen to get started on our meal.

Of all the super easy dinners I’ve made, this takes the cake for the easiest of all. I just threw some cubed potatoes and beans in with water, salt, and pepper and cooked them on high for 2 hours, then tossed the sausage in on top for another hour. The veggies got a little soft and wimpy for our liking though so next time I think I’ll cook on low.

This dish is the only “comfort food” I can remember eating that isn’t filled with salt or dairy. It’s filling and warm and evokes memories of Mom’s ham and string beans without being terribly unhealthy. It wasn’t roll-my-eyes-back-in-delight tasty but definitely something I’d consider making again. After the success of crockpot round 1, I’m excited to see what else I can whip up in my new toy!

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