Taco Pizza

IMG_1114Taco Pizza

Ground beef, Nacho Cheese Doritos, shredded cheddar cheese, red bell pepper, taco seasoning, salsa, whole grain thin pizza crust

Modified version of this recipe

Oh. My. God. This was the most insane thing I’ve ever cooked. Maybe it was that I used a smaller crust than the cook who created this recipe, but there was soooo much meat per square inch that we had to eat a layer off the top before picking up the pieces to eat like pizza. Despite being messy to eat (or maybe because of that), we ravaged this dish like a pack of starving dogs. Even though we were both rubbing our bellies, feeling overstuffed and sluggish, my boyfriend still asked me if I would make him another taco pizza. That’s how tasty it was.

Upon reading the original recipe, I decided I would forgo the fresh salsa to top the pizza, except some red bell pepper. After seeing the dish, I’m glad I did because it just would’ve added another layer of stuff to this Jenga tower of a pizza. I also used a thin pizza crust, which kept with the nacho/taco theme; I feel like a regular doughy, thick pizza crust would be way too filling and have too many disparate textures (which I’m weird about).

1000000% will make again!

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