Lobster and Pasta

IMG_1109Lobster and Pasta

Lobster tails, spaghetti, garlic powder, olive oil

Since it was my first time making lobster, I prepared these using a simple salt-water boil. The olive oil, garlic, and herb spaghetti made an easy and flavourful side for what felt like a very fancy main. I’m actually not the biggest fan of seafood and really need to be in the mood for it. So while my bf devoured both of these red beauties, I made myself a veggie burger (Yves Lentil and Quinoa), one of my current food obsessions.

After a long afternoon exploring the museum, neither my boyfriend nor I had a lot of kitchen ambition. Luckily, I had thought ahead that morning and defrosted the frozen tails while we were out. Then, the only work I had to do was boil water. This meal looks luxe but isn’t actually that expensive and is a quick fix for a busy night or dinner date in.

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