Breakfast for Dinner #3: French Toast

IMG_1111French Toast

Whole wheat bread, eggs, ground ginger, vanilla extract, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, maple syrup

Despite all his help and input on this project, my boyfriend hadn’t actually given me a dinner request until today. He had apparently been craving French toast for weeks and didn’t know how to make it himself. Because I love breakfast/carbs/sugar I gladly obliged. This was my least favourite of the breakfast-for-dinners so far, but not because it was bad. I just prefer the savoury, greasy breakfast foods more. If nothing else, it definitely offered a change of flavour pace for us.

My inner cheapskate decided just to use the bread we had in the house instead of springing for thick, yummy Brioche. Even though the dish turned out tasty (it’s frankly hard to mess up), the whole wheat taste still kind of lingered even through the syrup. Moral of the story: DON’T BE CHEAP; BUY GOOD BREAD.

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