Breakfast for Dinner #2: Egg Sandwiches

IMG_1081Breakfast Sandwiches

Eggs, bacon, English muffin, shredded or sliced cheese

Breakfast sammies! They’re hard to mess up, as even cheapie fast food versions make me salivate. But homemade ones, especially with different types of cheese and heaps of crispy bacon make my eyeballs practically roll back in glee with each bite. The boyfriend also loved these and declared that I should be a breakfast chef, though he deserves some credit for being my bacon cook.

Once again, this breakfast is super easy to make, a good way to use up those eggs that are about to turn, and a protein-filled way to eat your feelings. I used two different kinds of cheese (sliced cheddar for bf and shredded mozzarella for me), both of which got gooey after I slapped the egg on top of them. Don’t forget to cook the bacon first so you can fry the eggs in the grease; so unhealthy but damn it’s tasty!

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