Schnitzel (for the German in me)

schnitzelMustard-Smothered Schnitzel

Flattened, breaded chicken breast filets (schnitzel), honey Dijon mustard, baby carrots

Schnitzel might just be the most magical food I’ve ever eaten. Who can resist lightly fried meat? While studying abroad in Austria, I fell in love with the traditional veal schnitzel, which is usually served hot, freshly fried, with just a lemon wedge for flavour; the meat speaks for itself. Sadly, when I got back to North America, the veal was nowhere to be found (thanks, PETA). This chicken version is a pretty good alternative to that tasty, tasty baby cow flesh though.

Because schnitzel isn’t really seasoned, not to mention this had been in our freezer for awhile and may have tasted freezer burnt, I decided to smother it in tangy mustard before popping it into the oven. It came out extra juicy and added a few more elements of flavour that were surprising and yummy!

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