Burrito Bowls

burrito bowlsBurrito Bowls

Ground beef, cheddar cheese, black beans, red bell pepper, rice, salsa, taco seasoning

Found this recipe here

After basically exhausting my own cooking repertoire, I decided to turn to the holy Bible of recipes: Pinterest. My bf and I have been on such a Mexican food bender lately but wanted a new twist on the tired old taco kits from the grocery store. Hence, my first Pinterest dinner was these to-die-for burrito bowls.

The recipe calls for a lot of ingredients, but I cut it down to the list above. It seemed silly to me to put onions and tomatoes in the dish when there was already salsa.  I also made my bowls a touch more healthy by using water in place of the chicken stock. These were my favourite meal so far because they were sinfully tasty and required just one cooking pot; hooray for fewer dishes to wash! The beans and rice make these super filling and the leftovers warm up really well in the microwave. I’ll definitely be making these often!

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