Breakfast for Dinner #1

bird nestEggs in a Basket/Bird Nests

Eggs, whole wheat bread, bacon

This is a meal I had dozens of times as a kid, although I’m pretty sure I never actually had it for breakfast. My favourite part has always been eating the little grilled toast nubbins cut out of the middle of the bread; greasy finger food is fun!I was pleasantly surprised by my boyfriend’s reaction to this dinner. He wolfed down 2 bird nests before I ate my 1 and begged me to make him more!

This meal packs a protein punch with both bacon and eggs but definitely isn’t for those on a heart-healthy diet 😉 It’s also really easy! If you can butter a piece of bread and fry an egg, you can make this! Containing the egg within the bread helps out sloppy egg-flippers like me. Our house will take this greasy-spoon comfort classic over fancy dishes any night of the week!

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